Graveler Graveler
Exp.: 700
Type 1: Rock.
Type 2: None.
Level Required: 40
Evolutions: Golem requires level 65
Description: They descend from mountains by tumbling down steep slopes. They are so brutal, they smash aside obstructing trees and massive boulders with thunderous tackles.
Attacks: Rock Throw - m1 - level 40

Rock Slide - m2 - level 40

Mega Punch - m3 - level 40

Earthshock - m4 - level 40

Falling Rocks - m5 - level 50

Harden - m6 - level 45

Selfdestruction - m7 - level 52
Habilities: Rock Smash, Dig.
Good against: Bug/Fire/Flying/Ice
Disadvantage: Fighting/Grass/Ground/Water
Sounds: Unknown.
Behaviour: Aggressive.
Location: South Pewter Cave, North from Cerulean, Rock Tunnel Mt.Moon
Loot: Stone Orb, Small stone, Rock Stone (Very rare)

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