Metapod Metapod
HP: 1020
Exp.: 100
Type 1: Bug.
Type 2: None.
Level Required: 15
Evolutions: Butterfree Level 30
Description: A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution.
Attacks: String Shot - m1 - level 15

Headbutt - m2 - level 15

Harden - m3 - level 15

Bug Bite - m4 - level 15
Habilities: None.
Good against: Grass/Psychic
Disadvantage: Fire/Flying/Poison/Rock
Sounds: METAPOD!
Behaviour: Passive
Location: Viridian Forest, North of Saffron, South of Saffron, West of Viridian
Loot: Pot of moss bug(common),Coccon Stone(very rare)