Paras Paras
HP: 375
Exp.: 50
Type 1: Bug.
Type 2: Grass.
Level Required: 5
Evolutions: Parasect requires level 50
Description: Growing out of the bug's back are mushrooms called tochukaso. The mushrooms grow with the bug host.
Attacks: Scratch - m1 - level 5

Poison Sting - m2 - level 5

Slash - m3 - level 5

Stun Spore - m4 - level 10

Poison Powder - m5 - level 8

Sleep Powder - m6 - level 12
Habilities: Dig, Cut.
Good against: Grass/Psychic
Disadvantage: Fire/Flying/Poison
Behaviour: Passive.
Location: Under Poison Swamp west of cerulean, In cave south of pewter,Underground south and north of saffron
Loot: Seed, Pot of Moss Bug, Mushroom.

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