Parasect Parasect
Exp.: 850
Type 1: Bug.
Type 2: Grass.
Level Required: 50
Evolutions: None.
Description: Parasect are known to infest the roots of large trees en masse and drain nutrients. When an infested tree dies, they move onto another tree all at once.
Attacks: Absorb - m1 - level 50

Scratch - m2 - level 50

Poison Sting - m3 - level 50

Slash - m4 - level 50

Poison Bomb - m5 - level 50

Stun Spore - m6 - level 50

Poison Powder - m7 - level 50

Sleep Powder - m8 - level 50

Fury Cutter - m9 - level 56

X-Scissor - m10 - level 58

Mega Drain - passive
Habilities: Cut.
Good against: Grass/Psychic
Disadvantage: Fire/Flying/Poison
Behaviour: Agressive.
Location: Under Poison Swamp west of cerulean, In cave south of pewter,Underground south and north of saffron
Loot: Seed, Pot of Moss Bug, Mushroom, Coccon Stone.

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